Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is vital to create a great first impression of your business! Hot Shot Pressure Wash understands that our service to you concerns one of your biggest assets. Your business is your livelihood. You have put in the hard work and truly believe in your product or service. Now you want others to share your passion. While it’s a given that the inside of your establishment will be spotless, you can’t neglect the exterior! Great street appeal could be the difference between the customer choosing you, or the competitor down the road. Don’t deter customers with a dirty footpath, dust covered signage or smelly rubbish areas.

A good degreaser and hot water pressure wash could save you money, and make you money! Not only will it help to achieve excellent street appeal, but it keeps you on top of your OH&S! A greasy, slippery pathway could lead to legal action or an OHS claim, just as dirty rubbish areas could lead to safety issues for your workers.

Hot Shot Pressure Wash will work with you, to ensure each industrial cleaning project is completed safely, on time and with minimum disruption and cost.

Remember, the first time is the last time for first impressions.

“Hot Shot Pressure Wash did a fantastic job on my project at St Dominic’s college doing the final clean of the bitumen! Amazing attention to detail! Very satisfied builder and client and would absolutely recommend!”


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