We have two methods for new construction brick cleaning; the traditional hydrochloric acid wash, and a non-acid, environmentally friendly brick cleaning product.

At Hot Shot Pressure Wash, we incorporate a soft wash application with our high pressure systems. This means the cleaning agent is directly applied to surfaces, without misting on to undesired areas. We also use a dwell time for products, which allows for a low pressure rinse to avoid damage to mortar joints.

Most other companies use a venturi style applicator, which mixes the water and chemical component together through a high pressure system. While this makes the job quicker, it gives the applicator significantly less control of the liquid application. This causes the chemicals to overspray onto undesired areas, causing further mess and releasing more toxins into the environment.

To put it simply – our methods are more direct, gentler on the surface and safer for the environment! Oh, and highly effective!

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